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The founder of CHADON Photographers, Chad Swander, started his career in 1963 offering a wide range of photography services. He worked professionally as a portrait, wedding, graduation, architectural, aerial, and, product photographer, always bringing a critical and creative eye to each assignment. In addition he has many years of experience in the film and photo finishing business and was one of the very first to embrace digital photography as well as digital printing and archiving. In recent years CHADON specialized in composite portraiture and special event photography for weddings, graduation ceremonies, Bat and Bar Mitzvahs, reunions and other events. Over the last 50 years CHADON has literally photographed thousands of events throughout Indiana and the Midwest.

At CHADON we believe that by combining our talent, our expertise, and our experience, along with a genuine desire to be of service; we offer outstanding value. We do our level best to make each and every client a happy and satisfied customer.


Fashions and styles change, but CHADON Photographers does not. CHADON always has and always will, work hard to deliver photography that chronicles the times of your life. We create the images that you will treasure more and more as the years go by.

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